Child Care is the Need and Not a Luxury

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Things You Must Know About CHILD CARE

A child is sunshine for a couple and one of the biggest reasons for their happiness. This is the best person and place to invest in all they can, but after the pregnancy period, when your child care leaves come to an end, child care turns out to be the most challenging & engaging job for them, mainly when both the husband and wife are working.

What is Child Care?

What is Child Care?

Two decades back, when the joint family institutions were strong, child care was the grandparents’ pleasant responsibility. For them, grandchildren were lovelier to them than the parents of their grandchildren. This is how organically, child care was rendered. Now child care has a widened array of meanings in terms of its manner, different levels of it, people & organizations involved in it, and how they are engaged in.

Meaning of Child care: Child care is a service provided to the child/children of couple/couples who wish to have the assurance of safety and the best care of their children. At the same time, they are engaged in their hectic official schedule and cannot manage time for children.

The Ultimate Guide To CHILD CARE

Different Types of Child Care:

Some couples wish to have Home Care, where children have a dedicated caretaker who cares about children’s fourth development.

Pre-school /Kindergarten/Prep Care is another popular method in India for child care where couples drop the child in Prep Classes, and the employee there takes care of children and prepares them for upcoming years of school life. But the limitations of such caring centers are their inability to match with the work culture of corporate where couples are working as most of the Kindergarten close by 2:00 pm.


Extended Day Care is another method where child care is appropriately given for children in early education age, and parents may leave children for the working hours. 

Nanny Sharing: Earlier in India, there was the concept of Foster mother or Dhaay Maa. In the western world, the concept of Nanny has been in existence almost parallel to this, and now when a couple hires the services of a lady to take care of their children in their presence and, more importantly in their absence, possibly this may not be affordable for them so many experts suggest couples of the neighborhood to pool together in hiring a Nanny for their children together.

Features & Advantages of Child care: 

Features & Advantages

Going deep down the essentials of the services given under child care, if we analyze, we may find each kind of child care consequently and unanimously meant to strengthen and safeguard a child physically, emotionally, and socially. A child, despite staying away from their parents, maybe engaged in such a caring manner where s/he may not only spend her/his time but also learn to participate in activities and naturally learns the art of coping in a group, working in a team, attain a goal, self -discipline, and emotional strength and resilience.

Why Most People Will Never Be Great At CHILD CARE

The need for Child Care in Indian Perspective: 

It is essential to understand the reasons that make child care services essential not only into metro cities but also in tier II & III cities.

The rise of Nuclear families (couple with children) where both husband & wife are working around the clock is one traditional reason. Still, at the same time, we also can’t ignore the fundamental fact that there are more single-mother households, over 5.4%, than single-father families. If we see rising above the statistics, one thing is visible in crystal clear manner that even they do need child care for their children when they get engaged in their office hours of professional life.

A recent report by Initiative for What Works to Advance Women and Girls in the Economy (IWWAGE) has revealed that 29 percent of females in urban areas and 42 percent of females in rural areas are engaged in employment. Another key feature of the same report is that women can dedicate only 5.8 hours a day on average to their home-based businesses, which is intermittently interrupted by 6.6 hours of unpaid caregiving work, so if this 6.6 hours of caregiving can be given by someone professionally or in the family itself ensuring the proper growth of the child, possibly the women may get time to boost her business in place of changing the nappy of her baby.

This is the segment of society that naturally craves child care aid in their lives, and they make it an inevitable part of services required in present India.

Child care is a way of Happy Parenting:

Happy Parenting

Getting obsessed with your projects and targets under the deadline pressures and caring for your husband and whining children, on the other hand, may make you sulky, crabby, and your professional goals all more evading. Similarly, working in an office with your hungry children’s constant concern waiting for you can’t let you concentrate in your work you are assigned.

Child care services may sort out many of your worries and lead a path of happy parenting where you are assured of getting your child taken care of properly by a dedicated carer. You don’t return home with a sense of guilt. When you meet your child, you see your child smiling and talking about different things s/he learns in her/his child care center, and you make your child celebrate each level of growth s/he is acquiring inch by inch. This positive approach is earned and consequently radiated by you by investing that earns your mental peace and comes with satisfaction, positivity, confidence, a sense of gratitude, and forgiveness. Happy parents are the role model of their children and learn the etiquettes and composite composure that you own.

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To conclude, child care has turned out to be the new but essential aid for working parents in the fast-growing nuclear family-based society. It not only engages the children but also prepares them ready for the future and plays their role significantly in society. Simultaneously, the elusive goals of personal and professional life for working couples start turning achievable and relatively easier than before. If you are one such couple, you must give it a thought.

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